About Us


Primary Health Care is Australia's leading service provider to health care professionals.

With over 56 modern and multidisciplinary medical centres across Australia, medical professional utilising the services available in our medical centres provide affordable and accessible healthcare to over 7 million patients per annum.

Over 1,000 independent medical professionals utilise the services of Primary Health Care.

Primary Health Care has led and continues to lead the way in modern multi-disciplinary centres. Our multi-disciplinary medical centres include:

Fully equipped treatment and procedural areas with nursing support


Radiology (X-ray, ultrasound & CT)



Specialised GP clinics including women's health, skin cancer clinic, and
  occupational health and work cover.

Specialist rooms

Allied health professionals including dietitians, chiropractors, psychologists
  and podiatrists


Medical professionals within our medical centres focus on developing and maintaining comprehensive and independent clinical excellence with a diverse patient case mix. 


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